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Aåstro is a couch-coop arcade game where you and your friends are astronauts with a base on an unknown planet. Unfortunately, you are not the first on the planet, there are hostile robots that want to destroy you. To find peace the players need to destroy the enemy boss by fighting through the smaller hostile robots.

Because players need oxygen and there is none on the planet, the players need to stay connected to the base with an oxygen tube. Luckily the base pod is movable so the base and the players can reach the end of the level to fight the final battle. 


  • Learn to play as a team (up to 4 players)
  • Exploring at your own pace, half-linear open world.
  • Upgrades for your Base (Pod) & Characters
  • Fight off intensive large group of enemies
  • 10 - 30 minutes gameplay
  • Final Boss fight
  • Small puzzles around the world
  • Gear customization


Left joystick Moving (Press: Melee)
Right joystick Aim / (Placing turret on the base)
A Interact / (Hold: to revive)
B Drop item
Right Trigger / Right Button Shoot / (Melee when out of ammo)
Back Show UI
Start Pause menu

Only XBOX Controller supported.

System Requirements

  • Supports PC


Game developers: Kevan Vanderstichelen, Louis Herman
Artists: Wouter Begas, Aitor Randez


Aåstro 64 MB

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